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Digital manufacturing systems are the way of the future. 

PLANL believes that we need to get out of the mass production system that uses raw materials indiscriminately. 

We value special designs that individuals want. You can save raw materials by making and using the desired products one by one. 

You can make as many as you want, but the design will vary.

Design and production

The products proposed by PlanL pursue the design that PlanL and fellow designers want to have after using it.

Design and manufacture in all areas, including daily necessities, furniture, office supplies, soap, logo designs, fabric items, chocolate shapes, and packaging. And before selling it, try it enough and put it on the shopping mall.

It can also be downloaded from 

You can download our STL data from cults3d. You can find planl3d at and use it for free. We support your creativity.

We support the activities of MAKERS. 

If you are having trouble making your own, you can get help from someone who has a 3D printer nearby. 

Alternatively, with the help of a local MAKERS group, you can create and use a product of your choice.

Please respect the design copyright. 

All our 3D files are not for commercial use. Also, do not share the file with others and do not sell it. 

It can be used educationally, but don't change the design and sell it again.